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 Hand-crafting your dream cars into reality with Harry Deetlefs, owner of English Wheel Fabrication based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Precision metal shaping and fabrication using steel or aluminium to customise  and restore cars to their former glory.

Harry’s extensive knowledge of cars stems from being in the automotive industry for over 18 years, coupled with a talent and passion

for meticulous craftsmanship, giving our clients the best possible outcome for their beloved possessions.

Services offered by English Wheel Fabrication include coach-building, car restorations and customisations, rust repair and specialist welding.

Coming 2019: Supplier of fabrication tools including english wheels, shrinkers and dies for reciprocating hammers.

Coming 2019: Beginner, intermediate and advanced metalshaping and coach-building classes.

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Unit 19, 5 Star Business Units,

5 Star Business Park

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+27 73 277 5167